Political Campaigns

Use the auto dialer to reach voters and get your message heard, and use automated telephone polls and surveys to find out what is working for your campaign. Deliver your message to millions.

Event Notification

Use the auto dialer to automatically call people for upcoming event notifications, event time changes, road closures, and more.

Weather Alerts

Use auto dialer to notify millions of people about severe weather conditions, such as upcoming hurricanes, flood, or other disasters.

Bill Collection

Use the auto dialer to automatically call people for debt collection with personalized messages. Use a press 1 campaign to connect to an agent or IVR system to resolve payment issues over the phone.

Lead Generation

Use our auto dialer to send promotional information and get more leads. But make sure to check federal and state auto dialer laws.

Service Pickup or Delivery Notification

Use the auto dialer to call people for merchant pickup and delivery notifications. Our auto dialing software can be seamlessly integrated with any software tool or web site, allowing telephone calls be triggered automatically in response to customer actions, such as a new web sign up.

School & Faith community phone trees

Use auto dialing to stay connected to your congregation and reach members.

School Emergency Notifications

Use the auto dialer to call students, teachers, and local communities for emergency situations. Also use it for attendance notifications and lunch-balance notifications.

City Government code enforcement

Use the auto dialer to notify people to correct their code violations, such as removing illegal street signs and paying fines.